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Customer satisfaction is our first priority.
We recognize you have a lot of choices. We want to be your "Manufacturer of Choice" for a long time. To that end, we strive every day to accommodate your unique needs. We strive to reduce your shipping costs, offer private labeling, custom blending and above-average shipping allowances for larger orders. Our reputation has been built on solving each new and different request on a timely basis.  This page gives you an overview of our services and packaging.


  • Products
    We concentrate all of our products to the maximum limit of solubility. We don't like to ship water. When we say, "concentrate", the product is to be cut or diluted before it is sold to your customers. Read the instructions carefully before preparing these products. Labels and SDS's for the ready-to-use (R.T.U.) products are available from our office. We use the phrase "ready to use" to indicate that we have diluted the product to a strength that is most easily sold to your customers. This may be half strength, quarter strength, or less. The choice is yours: "ready to use" for convenience or "concentrate" for economy.

  • Custom Blending
    We have the ability and the facilities to blend any water based, liquid cleaning compound you may need. We require only a 220-gallon minimum and 4 day lead time. Call us for a quote.

  • Private Label Program
    All "ready to sell" and concentrated products are available with your company's business name & original product name if you prefer. Please call and ask for details on how to join this program.

  • Distribution Policy
    Our products are offered for sale on a selected distribution basis. We will only sell our products for resale. We will not sell direct to the end user. Distributorships may sell "ITD, INC." branded products, additionally we offer private label services to promote your business name on high quality chemicals. We offer coast-to-coast coverage with the largest L.T.L carriers (less than truckload) in the nation and the ability to drop ship products directly to your customer's front door.

  • Customer Service
    Our pride is not only in our products but in our level of service. Every time you call ITD, you will speak directly to an employee of the company. No automated phone system, no voice-mail.

  • Credit Terms
    All invoices are due and payable in 30 days. Any invoices over 30 days will be subject to financing charges calculated at 18% APR. Customers with invoices over 45 days, from the date of invoice, will be notified that any orders placed or in house will be held until all of the past due accounts are cleared.

  • Ordering Info
    Please order products by item number. This item number can be found listed under each product name. At the bottom of each product category page is a table listing the packaging configurations. Each item number has 2 parts; the first is the "formula" number, and the second is the packaging configuration description.

***Give Us A Call For Our Complete Product Line Literature And Pricing!***



CONTACT US:  Toll Free:  (800) 472-1233 ~  Local:  (770) 939-5544 ~ Fax:  (770) 939-5704 ~ Email:


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