Industrial Rollers



Pamarco is a leading supplier of industrial rollers to OEM customers and customers requiring a high quality product that can stand up to the demands of your specific application. We can provide a complete roller solution that will meet your standards and specifications that delivers optimum process results and production reliability.

Pamarco’s modern facilities utilize the latest technology in machinery and test equipment to ensure all rollers meet our customer’s expectations. The process begins with a state-of-the art CAD drawing which is utilized in every step of the manufacturing process. The in-house, computerized CNC equipment allows us to provide a full range of precise cores and shafts, better process control, improved lead times and greater flexibility.

After the cores or shafts are produced, we have multiple methods to apply the rubber to optimize the manufacturing process and provide the highest level of quality. The final stage is the grinding and polishing step. Our grinding department can provide a full range of finishes on any roller, including various crowns and RA values.

All components and procedures are thoroughly reviewed at every stage, in accordance with our Quality Plan, to guarantee that each roller meets the exact specifications. Pamarco is committed to providing the highest quality roller by utilizing state-of-the art technology and providing unparalleled technical support.

We offer a full range compounds, including: