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DATE: 2021-01-04
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PTFE Gasket ASL 510

PTFE Gasket ASL 510

  PTFE Gasket

  Model:ASL 510

  Anti-corrosion spacer plate is a sealing spacer plate through special processing,adopting PTFE as its main raw material.


  Durable, sealing performance is reliable;

  PTFE itself has the best corrosion resistance and aging resistance, after special processing which has very good creep resistance and cold flow resistance;

  Can be used in a long-term security in a wide range of temperatures

  Soft and easy cutting,can be cutted by machine or by hand, easy to install;

  The plate is white, clean and no pollution .Will not pollute the contact medium via shedding.


  Resistance to a wide range of chemicals,especially suitable for hydrocarbon, strong corrosion occasion.

  Can fit uneven scratching surface.

  Suitable for chemical industry,power generation,paper making,oil refining,machinery and other industrial applications.

  Technical data

Type ASL 510
Color White
Temperature -240℃~+260℃(reach to 315℃ in short time)
Pressure ≤50bar
PH value 0-14
Normal size 1250mm×1800mm or 1524×1524mm tolerance:±3%
we could make into sealing spacer according to customers requirments.
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