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Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

To guarantee the rights of users and bring the pipe performance into full play, we provide consumers with services in selling as below:

Pre-sale services:

a. Provide the technical documents such as industry standard of pipes and pipe fittings, code for construction and acceptance of pipe and other related technical documents.

b. Assist the user in pipeline survey, design and mapping.

c. Provide the technical support, technical consultation

d. Solve the technical problems related to the pipes in time.

污区等级abcde的划分污区等级abcde的划分,成人用品属于什么经营范围成人用品属于什么经营范围,女生网恋奔现怎么避免尴尬女生网恋奔现怎么避免尴尬After-sale services:

a. Provide the technical documents such as welding procedure, installation procedure

b. Provide the special construction equipment to the end users.

c. Provide the technical training related to the pipeline installation and maintenance.

d. Offers technical instructions and assistance to carry out the construction of pipeline on site.

e. 污区等级abcde的划分污区等级abcde的划分,成人用品属于什么经营范围成人用品属于什么经营范围,女生网恋奔现怎么避免尴尬女生网恋奔现怎么避免尴尬Pipe installation services.

Service promise:      

a. Provide free maintenance service during the guarantee period.

b. Provide permanent maintenance service

c. Ensure that maintenance staffs arrive and deal with the pipeline leakage in the shortest time when it occurs.

d. The qualification rate of project delivery is 100%.