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Electronic Industry
Electronic Industry
Anti-Static Tape
This clear tape is printed with the ESD symbol and does not create static electricity when unwinding. A clear version (unprinted) is also available. Plastic core.
Polyester Tape
Polyester tapes come in a variety of colors and are often used as splicing tapes, masking tapes, packaging, and decorative uses. Can be slit to any width.
Copper Foil Tape
Can be slit to any width and available in conductive and non-conductive adhesive.
Cleanroom Vinyl Tape
White is stocked and other colors are available upon request. Can be slit to size; however, 1" and 2" white are stocked and individually bagged. All on plastic cores.
Glass Cloth Tape
A high temperature resistant tape that is used as an electrical insulation product, as well as, a masking tape for plasma spray operations.
Polyimide Tape
A high temperature resistant masking tape for circuit boards. Can be slit to size. Other thicknesses available upon request.
Protective Film Tape
Clear or blue PE film tape with a low adhesion level used as a protective product to prevent damage or scratches. Can be slit to size. Great for electronics, plastics, glass, metals, and mirrored finishes.
Bubble Bags
Regular or anti-static bubble out bags for storage and shipping electronic devices or other items that need added protection during shipping.

Electronic Industry