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2nd User Foot Welder

All machines will come with a parts and labour warranty. Many of the machines are ready for shipment and generally can be seen in operation at our Bradford facility.

If you see a machine that is of interest please contact our sales department and we will be more than happy to discuss the machine in more detail.


Zemat 4Kw foot welder with impulse unit installed

ZD4N footwelder with auto-tuning and 4 kw generator. The machine has an impulse welding syetem fitted

Features of the machine

  • Generatoe 4Kw
  • Auto-tuning of main HF power
  • Operator interface
  • Programmable tool setting which can be stored and recalled
  • Impulse welding system

The machine is a new version of the ZD4N model which has been upgraded with an impulse welding system, (for welding materials that HF cannot weld). 

The machine is available end of January 2021


Fabrex 5Kw foot welder with twin stations (SOLD)

FABREX 5kw twin station foot welding machine. 

The machine is in a  good condition and will come with a 3 month parts and labour warranty. The machine has:-

  • Generator 5Kw
  • Twin stations for alternatiate welding
  • Heated head availability, (heated heads can be supplied)

The machine is available and can be seen in our factory




Radyne single phase 1.5Kw foot welder (MACHINE SOLD)

Radyne 15CW single phase 1.5Kw footwelder

Machine features

  • Single phase 240V 50Hz
  • 1.5Kw generator
  • Two hand push button control
  • Puwer regulated
  • will come with a CEMFAW 2016 certificate

The machine is available for full demonstration at our Bradford factory



Radyne 3.5Kw HF foot welder (ON RENTAL)

RADYNE 35CW Foot Welder

Machine specifications

  • Generator 3.5Kw
  • Foot operated press
  • Two hand control buttons for welding operation
  • Pressure adjustment through head adjustment 

The machine will be refurbished to a good standard and will come with a 3 month parts and labour warranty


Radyne 3.5Kw HF footwelder

Radyne 35CW foot welder


Machine specifications

  • Generator 3.5Kw
  • Safety push buttons
  • Safety guarding switches
  • RF survey carried out

The machine will be refurbished and will come with a 3 month parts and labour warranty



ZD4N 4kw foot welder (MACHINE SOLD)



We have in stock a new ZD4N auto tuning footwelder, the features of the machine are

  • 4kw adjustable power output
  • Auto tuning of power
  • Parameters of the tools can be set and saved, and also recalled
  • Inspection panels have safety swiches
  • CE regulated

The advantage of this machine is with the auto tuning of the power and been able to save and recall tooling welding parameters. Once the power has been set on the machine the power automatically moves to the set parameter from when the machine is switched on in the morning to midday and evening. there is no need to keep adjusting the power or time due to temeperature of the welding bar. The welding parameters can be set and saved for future production.

The machine is available to be tested at our factory in Bradford



ZD4N 4KW Foot welder (MACHINE SOLD)

Enquire about this machine 新垣绫濑群新垣绫濑群,外阴癌原因外阴癌原因

ZD 4Kw single phase Foot welder NEW IN STOCK

The machine is being refurbished and will be in a great condition.


  • Generator 4Kw
  • Pedal operated
  • Variable power through selector switch
  • Safety switches on panels
  • Two hand control buttons
  • Fully CE regulated
  • CEMFAW 2016 complient 
  • Warranty 3 months parts and labour



Zemat ZD4N footwelder with Auto-tuning and operator interface screen

The machine was manufactured in 2015 and is in a great working condition

The machine has:

Generator 4Kw

Auto-tuning of the output power

Operator touch screen with programmable tool paramenters 




Radyne foot welder with 3.5KW generator MACHINE SOLD

Radyne 35CW 3.5Kw foot welder with:

  • Generator 3.5KW
  • Robust construction
  • Refurbished

The machine is in a great condition and will come with a 3 month parts and labour warranty 

ZD4N 4kw foot welder

新垣绫濑群新垣绫濑群,外阴癌原因外阴癌原因ZD4N foot welder machine with option of impulse welding head

Features of the machine:

  • 4Kw generator
  • Auto-tuning of HF power
  • Operator touch screen interface
  • Programmable tooling parameters allow stored information to be recalled for later use
  • Optional impulse unit with 500mm welding bar

The machine has the capability of welding both PVC, PU and PET materials as well as PE and other non HF weldable materials using the impulse unit.

We have sold all of the stock of ZD4N welders over the past 4 weeks and if you have an interest in this machine please contact us.


ZD4NP Foot welder

Tne ZD4NP footwelder has a pneumatic as well as foot pedal control. Basically you can lower the press using the footpedal and when in correct position the two push buttons are pressed which allow high pressure and HF power to be initiated.

The foot pedal is operated from the side alllowing large products to be placed in the front of the press such as a mattress for end welding


The machine has:

Generator 4Kw

Pneumatic press

Foot pedal at the side

Conforms to the CE, CEMFAW 2016 and EMC regulations

The machine is available for demonstration at our Bradford factory