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Zinc Phosphate Coating
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Delstar offers a variety of protective coatings and industrial coating services including zinc phosphate coatings and sandblasting to a wide range of customers and industries. Delstar's premier coating facility is top-notch, providing the best protective metal coatings in the nation. Delstar's standard procedures, forms, and coatings inspection reports will normally meet or exceed OEM requirements and specifications.

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Zinc Phosphating

Zinc Phosphating produces a very consistent, fine-grained protective coating on a wide variety of steel alloys. Commonly used as a conversion coating, zinc phosphate coatings are used as a paint base for improved corrosion resistance and performance. Zinc Phosphating has a superior ability to hold rust-inhibiting oils. Zinc Phosphating offers excellent anti-corrosion and anti-galling characteristics. Coating weights are uniform and consistent.

Zinc Phosphating is commonly used as a final protective coating for storage or as a pretreatment prior to powder coating or other one-coat finishes. This particular phosphate coating is frequently used in military applications for equipment that will be exposed to severe environments. Delstar's Zinc Phosphating tank is 10'L x 6'W x 5'D.

Specifications, Procedures, and Inspection Reports in use at Delstar:

  • SSPC Painting Manual, Volume 1, 4th Edition, Good Painting Practice
  • SSPC Painting Manual, Volume 2, 8th Edition, Systems and Specifications
  • Delstar's Coating Inspection Report, Form No. F-710-005




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